Friday, April 14, 2006

Cyberbullying: are we all guilty?

There have been several reports that show that cyberbullying is on the rise and I was wondering whether the rise has nothing to do with misconceptions created by the media and, now in smaller measure, the academia. As most reported situations show, those engaging in such despicable behavior are easily found and sanctioned, but it seems that one of the reason for using the net is the false security of doing it anonymously (here you can find the original New Yorker cartoon that helped to create the mistake). CNN reported the case of the student that prentended to be a teacher posting child pornography in, and Technollama has a report on the Star Wars Kid case. Of course it can be argued, probably with reason, that there are other more compelling reason for using the Net for bullying, as the desire to reach a global audience and the facility to do so, but I wonder if the trend would be so upward in the case of everyone knowing that it is very difficult to hide who you are in Cyberspace.
It is probably the moment to devote more time to explain in the press and in classes that in Internet everyone knows that you are a dog.

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