Thursday, June 08, 2006

Open Lecture Series in Media Law

Within the context of my graduate class Media Organizations and Regulation in the School of Communications at Webster University, we have decided to invite members of the faculty, alumni and the wider community to participate in some topical lectures that will deal with current issues of general interest within an academic setting. The mentioned lectures, while part of the syllabus of the class in question, will be delivered as an autonomous unit and followed by a general discussion.
All the lectures will take place in Webster Hall 400 and will start at 17:30. The schedule and topics of these open-lectures series are as follows (including the past lecture)

June 6: Freedom of expression: origins and evolution in different cultures. The First Amendment: its conception and origin. Freedom of the press and prior restraint. Wartime and the war on terror. Restrictions to freedom of expression

June 27: The Media and Internet. The regulation of Internet. Regulation by law and regulation by code. Constitutional implications of regulation by code.

July 18: Origins of copyright: freedom of expression, creativity and the public domain. Evolution of copyright and related rights. The globalization of copyright and its relation with development. Copyright in the digital era and the Creative Commons.

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