Wednesday, September 06, 2006

GikII Worshop

We are already in the first day of the VI World Computer Law Conference and we can have some reflections on the GikII that took place Monday and Tuesday, also here in Edinburgh.
It was a delighting experience to have such an impressive group of geek/lawyers and geek/computer specialists discussing about the frontiers of the law applied to cyberspace. In the words of Professor Lilian Edwards, "GikII proposes to be the place where these worlds, institutions and players will come together for the first time at a major law and technology conference. We want to discuss whether geek law exists. If you have a paper burning for the oxygen of publicity on any aspect of law AND technology, science, geek culture, blogs, popular culture, wikis, science fiction or fantasy, computer games, digital culture, gender on-line, MMORPGS, virtual property or online human personae, then this is the workshop for you. The more blue skies, the more wacky races, the more ragged bleeding edge, the less clichéd, the more challenging and contra-intuitive, the more we want it."
I hope that tonight I finally will have time to write a summary about it!

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