Monday, April 30, 2007

Global Thinking in St. Louis

These days is been quite difficult to keep pace with all the things are going on with IT and IP issues and write about them here, due to my tight schedule here in St. Louis. To the several scholarly activities I am engaged in here, we are filming a series of TV programs about several institutions of the St. Louis area and their interaction with global issues. The TV series will be called Global Thinking and it will consist of five programs featuring the Missouri Botanical Garden, the International Institute of Saint Louis, Monsanto, Boeing and the Danforth Plant Science Center. Each program will refer to one global issue and look into the way that the featured organization is acting on it. We filmed last Monday at the Missouri Botanical Garden, where I interviewed a group of curators and the President of MoBot, Dr. Peter Raven, and tomorrow we will be filming at the International Institute. The program is a collaboration between Webster University and the Higher Education Channel, and it is part of the E. Desmond Lee Visiting Professorship. Just in case I brought my dinner suit (tuxedo in this side of the Atlantic) for the Emmys

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