Sunday, May 27, 2007

The return of the browsers' wars?

Not being very technically savvy, I've trying to understand why since the last Firefox update and the release of the Internet Explorer 7.0 many websites stop functioning properly with Firefox (funnily enough, Microsoft's website works perfectly with Firefox...). It could be thought that there is some mistake in the Mozilla Foundation's browser, but it seems that the problem originates in websites been designed to work only (or properly) with some component that are proprietary to Microsoft. If the creator/owner of a website is supposed to have an incentive to allow people using whatever they want to use to access its website in order to attract more traffic, one only can wonder what other incentive may have received in order to benefit only one browser (and from whom)...Again, this reasoning could be based on simple ignorance, but something does not look good around here...Anything related to art. 81 of the EC Treaty?

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