Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reading, blogging and machinima

After a month far from the blogosphere I've decided to see what has been going out there and what place better than Technollama (Andres is the guy that gives good name to all those who were born south the Rio Grande). In addition to the knitting wars saga, I found this machinima directed by Hugh Hancock...which reminds me that in November we organized the event "Bloodspell: The rise of the machinima" (there is a link to the audio) where Hugh, Andres, Ian and Lilian talked about some legal issues with machinima, and few months later an article about legal issues with machinima appeared in the SCL' s magazine with the title "The rise of the machinima", not mentioning either the event, the discussion or Bloodspell...I do believe in coincidences, so no big deal (more than suggesting a little more of research because if you google "rise of the machinima" the event comes second -or is just me that googles titles before putting one?- and writing an article about machinima without mentioning Hugh, who coined the term, should be quite difficult).
But here it goes the machinima for Fair Trade...
PS: Please note and check Alex's comment where the fact that it is a coincidence is further explained

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Alex said...

Nice post! However, as the writer of the SCL machimima article I'd like to submit a correction to your post.

My firm was on the panel at the Machinima Festival Europe 07, which occured before the event you took part in: Hence our knowledge on the subject and the magazine article which used that knowledge.

In conclusion: just one of those coincidences! All the best