Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cordoba and the future of Internet

I'm back from a trip to Argentina where I visited friends, engaged in some court cases, talked with universities about cooperation and participated, as keynote speaker, in the III Argentine National Conference of Computer Law. I also had the opportunity to give a lecture as guest professor at the School of Law of the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, the third oldest in Latin America and one of the most prestigious south of the Rio Grande, where I talked about Internet security and regulation using the same multi-layered and multi-section analysis that I've been carrying out in other topics since my doctoral studies. There I went through the systemic, company and personal areas at infrastructure, applications and user levels to see what are the possible threats, the potential solutions and the regulatory responses to Internet security issues. Then, today, when logging in to Facebook I've found that Jonathan has posted a link to his appearance in The Colbert Report, where he uses his little more than 6 minutes to deal with the same issues (with a "little" more of authority and quality). As I told Jonathan few weeks ago, I have the English version of his latest book, but I am still hoping to get the American version of it and then have it signed (the content is the same but I like the cover better and, yes, I am snob).

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