Sunday, February 01, 2009

Global Game Jam…approaching the deadline

We are at the Accelerator in the final straight of Global Game Jam 2009, London’s gig. After two days of thinking, teaming and programming the eight teams are putting the final touches to their games. We have aquatic themed games as The Deep, where Fish Don’t Flock is capturing plankton while venturing into the depths of Flash programming. The team Monochrome is not hiding its head in the sand and is making the Shadow of the Ostrich run through the savannas before the sunset leaves it without light and shadow. Let’s be Cheer has a cheerful view of how even being in between worlds loves put a rosy view to an accident prone bride, in its La Vie en Rose. The team Neon takes the Downfall with a quite sofisticated take on the theme and Dense is putting the last touches on a quite interesting idea about how to navigate a maze through the negative space, the emptiness, that Ma seems to represent. Team Ninja jumps into action with Trampoline Ninja and Exit 8 tells you to Inflate or Die. Team Jez has no name for its problem thrower, while the supreme leader, Fiona, tries to get the games tested before the moment of the truth…which is approaching at warp speed.

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