Sunday, November 08, 2009

New Ibero American Network of Law and New Technologies

More than three months have past since the last posting on this blog and every day that passes it becomes more difficult to re-start to write on it. Not because there are no topics or will to do it but because so many things have happened since the end of July in the e-commerce, IP, IT and related areas that one wouldn’t know where to start from. So, I was waiting for the opportunity, topic that would act as excuse to return to cyberspace and I found it in the creation of the Red Iberoamericana del Derecho y las Nuevas Tecnologias (Ibero American Network for Law and New Technologies) that a friend and colleague, Guillermo Zamora, has started with Marcelo Temperini in Argentina.

The network is presented as a Spanish speaking (at least for now) community of professionals of law and new technologies with the aim of lending a space to be up-to-date, share experiences, ask questions, participate in discussions, Express opinions and, above all, improve relationships. There are three categories of users, or members, which differ in the degree of discount that they receive in the different activities organized by the network, but all having access to most of its features. These features include writing articles, take part in the discussions, recommend legislation or links, organize publications, be part of the network of professionals for the purposes of referrals, invite friends, recommend events and search for information.

It seems that the idea and the platform have been very well thought and the only thing missing is to form part of it…