Monday, August 23, 2010

"Facebook" list wins elections

A list composed by candidates that met through a Facebook group won the local elections at the beach town of El Condor in the Argentine Patagonia. The list, number 12 for the purposes of the election won the electoral contest against the incumbent, list number 7, getting almost 68% of the votes.
The list was formed by members of the Facebook group “Fanaticos del Balneario El Condor”, who through that group started to “talk” about the possibility of running for office to be the ones administrating the village. It is important to note that the two things the members of the list have in common are being fans of El Condor and Facebook, since as they clarify, regardless the political ideology of the candidates.
El Condor is a village by the sea in the Argentine Patagonia known for its extense beaches, the shallow sea and the practice of kite surfing. It also has the biggest colony of burrowing parrots in the world and it presents visitors with ample opportunities for both shore and boat fishing. 
The election had other IT particularity because one of the poll stations was set up using an electronic ballot box, which constitutes a novelty for the region.