Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Call for Papers Globalization, Technology and Development

Call for papers:
Globalization, Technology and Development

The International Political Association Research Committees 04 on Public Bureaucracies in Developing Societies, 35 on Technology and Development (IPSA RC04 and RC35) and Webster University invite submission of papers for the Conference “Globalization, Technology and Development” to take place in St Louis, Missouri, USA, during 3, 4 and 5 of April 2007. This conference is part of the IPSA RC04 and RC35 Regional Meetings and the 2006/2007 Webster University Des Lee Visiting Lectureship for Global Awareness and it seeks to address the relation between globalization and technology and how their dynamic and dialectic relation impacts on development. The conference is co-chaired by Dr. Renu Khator, Provost of the South Florida University at Tampa and Chair of the IPSA RC04, Professor Dhirendra Kumar Vajpeyi, Professor of Political Science at the University of Northern Iowa and Chair of IPSA RC35, Professor Allan MacNeill, Director of the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Webster University, and Dr. Fernando Barrio, 2006/2007 Webster University Des Lee Visiting Lecturer for Global Awareness.

While the methodology is open, it is expected that the papers would be based on theoretical and empirical work leading to the development of grounded theory, as well as more policy orientated studies which feed directly into the policy making process. They would normally be built on a multi or inter-disciplinary approach.

The conference will likely include the following non-exclusive issues:

- Globalization of Intellectual Property rights, technology and development
- Globalization of technology and its impact on the Earth
- Innovation policy, technology and development
- International relations of technology transfers
- New technologies and the Digital Divide
- New technologies, communications policies and development
- Technology and human security

Submissions in the form of an abstract should be e-mailed to Dr. Fernando Barrio f.barrio@londonmet.ac.uk and it must be received by January 18th, 2007. Confirmation of acceptance will be communicated by February 9th, 2007. Papers and abstracts can be written in English, French or Spanish, but the presentations are expected to be delivered in English. Please submit your abstract of up to 300 words in .doc, .rtf or .pdf format, and include the following data:

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