Friday, October 20, 2006

Report Internet in Argentina 2005/2006

The Argentine newspaper Clarin published its usually very good annual report on Internet in Argentina, made by the firm D’Alessio IROL and (in Spanish)
The report concludes that there are 10,320,000 users of Internet in Argentina (28% of the population) and that 81% of the users access the web every day. It also explains that this year new comers to Internet in the country are young people from middle and low class, and adults from the middle and upper middle class and that 9,000,000 people use the net to check on products that later will consume. It also reveals that the current economic bonanza in Argentina helps to the spread of broad band
It presents some interesting conclusions about patterns of usage, as consumers watching less TV and using less telephone due to using Internet and younger people using it for socializing and earn money, while for older people represents a connexion with their surrounding and a way to better use time.

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