Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Buenos Aires elections in Second Life

The Argentine newspaper Clarin reports that the elections to Mayor of Buenos Aires also were held virtually in Second Life. Interestingly enough, the results mimicked quite closely the results of the real election, that took place last Sunday in Buenos Aires, which could be used to argue that the population of Second Life resembles the real population of modern and sophisticated places. It is important to note that Buenos Aires is a city with about 3 million people (the usually referred 13 million include what is called the Great Buenos Aires, an area where different towns are physically as one but with distinct legal and political organizations), very modern and with a very sophisticated population. According to Argentina's electoral law, campaigns must stop a couple of days before the election and engaging in political activities during those days is an offence. Taking into account that the limit between game and business-platform is becoming more and more blurred in Second Life, one would wonder whether carrying out a virtual election during the black-out period does not infringe the law...

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