Friday, June 08, 2007

G8: Much ado about nothing...or more of the same

The G8 Summit, in addition of wasting time and money in discussing irrelevant things as the anti-missile shields and other nonsense (if a fraction of the money spent in those things that will never be used was used in solving the world problems, probably there would not be need of caring about security, illegal immigration and other issues high in the international agenda), had things to say about Intellectual Property Rights and development and it did; not very balanced though. When it had to satisfy developed countries' industries willing to have more enforcement the G8 was very clear, but when it had to address the issue of millions dying due tuberculosis and Aids in Africa its response was to promise to work with international organizations and donors "to respond constructively to requests by African developing countries without manufacturing capacities with regard to the use of the flexibilities referenced in the WTO Doha declaration on TRIPS and Public Health, while respecting WTO obligations"...very vague, no? And, which part of TRIPS don't they understand? African countries don't need to "request" using the flexibilities, they have to use them.
In contrast, the very vague vocabulary that precedes was replaced by a very clear call to "to implement concrete measures which will improve and deepen cooperation among G8 partners and deliver real enforcement results", and where to deal with the ailment of several million people in Africa "international organizations and donors" were mentioned, to streamline and harmonize "the international patent system in order to improve the acquisition and protection of patent rights world-wide" and to "combat piracy and counterfeiting", the list of organization that should "strengthen cooperation in [these] critical area[s]" loses all vagueness and specifically refers to "the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), WTO, the World Customs Organization (WCO), Interpol, the World Health Organization (WHO), the OECD, APEC, and the Council of Europe". Not to say that the treatment is different at all...
(Still, nothing justify what some "rebels" do by creating chaos and using violent tactics wherever the G8 meets)

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