Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New portal on cybercrime for Latin America

A new portal dealing with cybercrime was launched yesterday and its yesterday’s press release reads (own translation):

Today has been officially launched the portal
Ciberdelincuencia.org, which has as principal mission to provide a practical and
useful tool with current and specialized information in the fields of law and
public policy tending to create and encourage a culture of information,
education and prevention in the fight against cybercrime in Latin America [yes,
sentences in Spanish are that long and have many ideas in them…].
Ciberdelincuencia. org is a non-for-profit portal partially financed through
donations from two non-for-profit organizations: the Internet Society (ISOC) and
the North American Consumer Project on Electronic Commercer (NACPEC), and other
private donations.

The portal is in Spanish and it represents an initiative that deserves to be praised and welcomed.

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