Saturday, November 03, 2007

The non-sedentary PC

The Steelcase Company and the Mayo Clinic’s Doctor James Levine have designed a workstation where the user can exercise while working. The “Walkstation”, not much creativity with the name and one already in use, consists of a computer and a desk bundled with a treadmill, and will imply that long working hours shouldn’t impede being fit. Now, if your company has one and you injury yourself while working, would that be a sport-related injury (covered, if you have one, by your private insurance) or a work-related one (where the employer or its insurance has to foot the bill)? Can you use it during your breaks for personal use? Will it be compulsory for employees to walk during certain time of the day? Will those having a walkstation pay less in health insurance? Many questions will be asked if the lawyers put their fingers on this hybrid...

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