Sunday, November 11, 2007

UN Internet Governance Forum- Rio 2007

I am inside the Windsor Barra Hotel, where the Internet Governance Forum is taking place (technically it starts tomorrow, but geeks and Internet related people are weird, so we are working on Sunday). I am trying to be in three places at the same time: the "Digital Inclusion: Accelerating Global Participation & Access through 'Open' ICT Standards; the "Reunión latinoamericana y caribeña para el IGF (Latin American and Caribbean Meeting for the IGF"), where I need to talk in about two hours; and the "Global Internet Governance Academic Network (Giga Net)'s Second Annual Symposion, where I actually am.
After the introduction by the steering committee, we are in the first session, titled "A Development Agenda for Internet Governance", and William Drake, from the Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva) is talking about "Towards a Development Agenda for Internet Governance". The panel also counts with Viviana Munoz, from the South Centre (Geneva), with a talk on "The WIPO Development Agenda: Lessons for the IGF"; Laura DeNardis, from Yale Law School, who presents on "Global Internet Standards and Developing Countries"; and Olga Cavalli from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, talking about "Internet Governance Mechanisms in Latin America and the Caribbean: Implications for a Development Agenda".
I will try to get the papers to either link them here or uploaded and in case that that is not possible, I'll write a summary tonight.

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